NJ Ballet Arts Center’s Summer Dance


NJ Ballet Arts Center’s summer Dance Intensive camp was designed by the owner/director, Rebeca Maso, to maximize students learning and love for dance. The purpose of our program is to give each individual a better approaching into the art of dance. While the main focus will be on ballet, students will be exposed to other forms of dance such as flamenco, hip-hop, acro-gymnastic and jazz. Without the pressures of academic studies, students are able to make great progress in their dancing by concentrating entirely on their dance education.
In a fun, safe, and educational environment, students will have the opportunity to learn various styles of dance. Classes are taught by well-qualified teachers who are very dedicated to each student’s needs. Summer Dance is a six-week program; however, students unable to commit to six weeks can attend for three weeks. Students must be able to commit to either the first three weeks of the program or the full six weeks in order to be part of the performance in our studio. Student’s placement is based on individual achievement.