Ruzhdije “Dia” Begu


Born: Brooklyn, New York.
Education: FUNKtion Dance Complex (NJ) & Broadway Dance Center (NYC)

I started dancing when I was 15 and that was only in Hip Hop, my mentor, Eric Samson, saw something in me that no one else saw, and that was love and a lot of potential. After a couple of years I joined his Hip Hop Crew, Beat Club Crew, as an apprentice, then after a year I decided to take the professional route with dance! Ever since then I couldn’t have been happier. The crew career and solo career have been moving along nicely! Performing in, and choreographing, pieces that are put on in various venues in New York; Terminal 5, BB Kings, Le poisson Rouge, the Gwanus Theatre, etc. I’ve performed with recording artist Chris Brown, and am currently working and performing with 2 upcoming artists. Aside from the actual gigs I am becoming NASM certified to become a personal trainer, and I teach Hip Hop at other studios.
Training in the pure styles of Hip Hop (B-boying, popping, locking, house, vogue, etc.) has helped me keep my dancing versatile and unique along with my daily training in the technical styles (Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz). I want to be able to share with your students the message that is REAL Hip Hop, the history, its elements (peace, love, and understanding), and what makes it special. I want to help them with their expression in dance, create individuality, and add to their repertoire that keeps them well-rounded dancers!