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NJ Ballet and Art Center Classes

NJ Ballet Arts Center curriculum embraces the development of the dancer from the first day of enrollment at 4 or 5 years of age to the emergence of the professional. Instruction, divided into two basic divisions, is offered at progressive levels of achievement. A student progresses at his or her own rate of development and is placed in class accordingly.

Primary Division:

Creative Movements (Ages 3-4):

This is the perfect class for your young dancer. We focus on creative movement which builds on the necessary gross motor skills needed for primary dance instruction. We use fun, upbeat music to learn basic skills like hopping, skipping, jumping, galloping, and balance coordination. Students will engage in dramatic music movement and learn introductory ballet steps.

Pre-Ballet I (Ages 5-6) Pre-Ballet II (Ages 6-7):

Pre-Ballet classes nurture your child’s interest in dance, while increasing coordination, concentration levels, cooperation, flexibility and ability to follow instructions. Students are given individual attention and guidance. Classes often incorporate Free Dance to give children the opportunity for self-expression, but the building blocks that prepare children for the structure of a ballet class are foremost in the class syllabus.

Elementary Division

Ballet I (Ages 8-9):

This class is suitable for beginners and will cover the fundamentals of classical ballet technique. It is a more formal setting that will give students the discipline to mature as dancers. The importance of strength, flexibility, rhythm, musicality, and memorization will be stressed. Basics of performing will be introduced. It is recommended that students have taken Pre Ballet but it is not required.

Uniform: Black leotard, pink tights and pink ballet slippers.
Requirement: Two classes per week (one hour each). We strongly recommend three classes per week.

Ballet II (Ages 10-12):

In this class student will gain a more complete understanding of ballet technique. Emphasis will be placed on proper technique and alignment and increasing strength and flexibility. Students are expected to have prior experience in ballet and to be more self-disciplined. This level will teach the strong discipline of ballet.

Uniform: Black leotard, pink tights and pink ballet slippers.
Requirement: Three classes per week (1 ½ hour each) For those students in Ballet II who are serious about taking the next step in their ballet training, we are offering an extra ballet class & pointe classes. We strongly recommend Stretch class.

Ballet III & IV (Ages 13-15):

In this class student continues to follow a structured syllabus designed to increase technical knowledge and understanding of classical theory as well as increasing stamina. As the young dancer gains proficiency and confidence, a greater emphasis is placed on artistry, movement quality, and performance. The feminine technique of pointe work is intensified in each progressive level.

Uniform: Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers and point shoes.
Requirement: Four ballet classes per week, (1 ½ hour each), two point classes per week. We strongly recommend Stretch & Modern classes as a complement for their training.

Pre-Pointe (Ages 8-9):

This class is dedicated to teaching pointe fundamentals to students of the appropriate age and technical ability. Because of the risk of injury, students must be physically ready so one complete dance year of pre-pointe and a pointe evaluation is required before advancement to pointe class. The pointe evaluation allows teachers and students the opportunity to see where the student needs work in order to prepare for pointe. The evaluation focuses on legs (straightness and strength), feet (flexibility, strength, alignment, and shape), ankles (strength and straightness), and overall body alignment.
Pointe (Ages 10- up): Dancing on pointe is the act of standing on the tips of the toes while performing steps from ballet. Also known as pointe work, it is performed using hard–toed and stiff-shacked pointe shoes. Dancing on pointe requires strength and skill, so prior permission from instructor is required before students begin taking pointe classes. Two ballet classes are required along with pointe class.

Modern & Jazz:

The dance world is evolving jazz and modern are now an important and crucial element in professional dance companies. This program is made up of a mixture of classical ballet, modern and jazz training. It prepares students for the professional dance companies of today, as well as gives them a sense of achievement and discipline, should they decide not to continue to dance professionally.

Modern uniform: Black leotard, pink tights, black shorts.
Jazz Uniform: Black leotard, black jazz pants or black shorts, black jazz shoes.


This class is a fun way for any student to explore the pop culture phenomenon hip-hop! With roots in African dance, funk jazz, and street dance, Hip hop dancing is an ideal way to express one’s creativeness. It features self impressions and the dances come from the soul. The dancing represents body movements that go with the beat and rhythm of hip hop music. There is breaking, popping, locking, and free styling in hip hop dances. The jumps, breakages, and rotations in the movements are combined in such a way that the dance style becomes an informal. This dance allows the dancers to improve their own style and to remain in good body shape.

NJBAC also offer the following classes:

Mommy & Me (Ages 2-3):

Enjoy some quality time with your little one! Mommy & Me is a fun-filled class that allows students and parents to interact in a playful environment. Through stretching and movement exercises, children will improve their gross motor skills and musicality. (This class can be for daddies or nannies too!)

Adult Classes:

Ballet, Conditioning, Latin Salsa (No previous dance training is necessary)