NJ Ballet and Arts Center

Our School

NJ Ballet Arts Center is devoted to the art of classical ballet, therefore our key mission is to introduce and instill the correct amount of discipline, passion and encourage self-expression in each of our students. NJ Ballet Arts center is provided the highest professional training in Classical Ballet in the area and teaches its dancers in the internationally and well recognized Cuban method of classical ballet. Cuba is currently recognized for having dancers of the highest technical and emotional ability who have found fame with leading world companies. The Cuban method has a real romantic feel and combines the Russian extension with the fancy Italian foot work. The Cuban school was designed as a mix of “the best” of the various schools, so much so that it can now be considered a school of classical ballet unto itself.Whether a student is dancing for fun and exercise or looking to develop themselves as a professional in the arts, we are here to provide the direction and support they need.

The goals of NJ Ballet Arts Center are:

  • To provide and maintain the highest quality classical dance instruction and performance opportunities to all students, regardless of talent, ability or ethnic background.
  • Establish a common ground through dance so children can interact and study other cultures through classical ballet and other styles of dances to serve as a community cultural oasis.

By adhering to these goals, NJ BAC hopes to mold and develop responsible, well-rounded, passionate children who have the potential to succeed in any field. Our uniquely designed children’s program raises children that are both physically and mentally healthy, with an understanding of a number of different cultural backgrounds